About Us

Who We Are

At American Coastal Apparel, we believe that when you pull on a shirt, you should be pulling it on because you feel good wearing it. We think that people need to start enjoying the little things in life, like smelling the saltiness of the ocean, feeling the sand beneath your feet, or just soaking up the sun while sipping an ice cold drink. We want more people to Take Time To Coast, and of course, look stylish in our clothing while they do.

Coastal pollution has been an extreme environmental issue for many, many years, and we want to help make a positive impact. In order to make this possible, a portion of our proceeds on every sale will go towards the preservation of all American coastlines- because everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the coast.


Our History

We are just a few people from New England who, like many others, were fed up with paying the outrageous prices for clothing- so we decided to do something about it. We love the ocean and everything related to it, thus American Coastal was born. Now we are dedicated to designing high-quality, stylish and reasonably priced clothing that anyone who likes anything having to do with the coast, is sure to love.